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New Primary Australian History Mysteries Case Studies


Aboriginal people have lived in Australia for thousands of years. There were hundreds of different groups or tribes speaking many different languages. They lived in different parts of Australia – coastal, desert, flat plains and tropical areas. The Aboriginal people … Continue reading

  1. eStudies 2015 – Special ANZAC Centenary Edition 16 Apr 2015
  2. Walking in the Footsteps of the Condah Anzacs 22 Jul 2014
  3. ANZAC Day on the Western Front 02 Jun 2014
  4. Community Conversations in Condah 24 Apr 2014
  5. Darwin Defenders Ceremony 19 Feb 2014
  6. Australian Curriculum History Years 3 To 6 05 Jul 2013
  7. Welcome to the second edition of eStudies 02 Mar 2014
  8. Australian History Mysteries take us to Tassie 09 Dec 2013
  9. Welcome to the first edition of eStudies 26 Sep 2013
  10. Lake Mungo: A finalist in the 2013 NSW Premier’s History Awards 28 Aug 2013