Australian Plants Series on DVD

Exploring Australian Plants is a unique educational resource that is suitable for middle primary to lower secondary schools levels for whole class, group or individual work.

Resource Book
The Teacher’s Guide and Activity Sheets provide some 72 pages of pre-video visit, video-visit and post-video visit activities. There are also Fact Sheets, suggestions for use and a clear outline of anticipated learning outcomes.

The resource contains a DVD with four exciting segments:

My Home Among the Gum Trees

Explores a world of eucalyptus trees to investigate why koalas only live in certain parts of Australia; why they are fussy eaters; the impact of fire upon their bush land and what we can do to help protect their threatened habitat.

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Mystery of the Dinosaur Tree

Takes us to Mount Annan Botanic Gardens to meet Ranger David Noble who discovered Australia’s oldest tree species, once thought to be extinct. Find out the story of its discovery and why it is called the dinosaur tree.


Stories of the Boab Tree

Visits the Kimberley region of Western Australia to discover how the boab came to Australia; what creatures inhabit it branches and hollows; stories of the prison tree and how Aboriginal people have used the tree over thousands of years.


Sharing Wisdom and Knowledge – Aboriginal Plant Use

Takes us to Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia to meet two very special people. Explore this unique environment, find out about Aboriginal plant use and witness an ancient ceremony involving a young man learning Aboriginal culture and the special relationship his people have with the plants and animals.

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