Who were the orphan girls who came to Australia in the late 1840s?


YEAR 9 SPECIAL BONUS UNIT FOR THE IN DEPTH CASE STUDY : Movement of peoples (1750 – 1901) 

Who were the Orphan Girls who came to Australia in the 1840s?

In this unit you can investigate the experiences of a very specific group of arrivals to the colonies in the mid C19th. They helped make the Australia we have today and have lots of descendants.

They were free assisted migrants but were very different to other migrants of this type. They were orphan girls – more than 4,000 of them – who were taken from the work houses in Ireland and sent to Australia to become domestic servants and wives for the colonial settlers.


What do we know about the lives of people in Australia’s colonial past and how do we know?

This unit includes a video and online activities that are iPad friendly. Enjoy!





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