About Don't be a Bully Bystander

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A classroom resource for tackling bullying in schools by focusing on the role that most students are likely to experience: as bystanders to bullying behaviour.

Suitable for students from upper primary to upper secondary levels.

The education kit Don't Be A Bully Bystander is a practical classroom resource to help schools address the problem of bullying behaviour in their students' lives and communities.

This 10-minute DVD, Are YOU a Bully Bystander? shows various typical school situations involving bullying behaviour.

The accompanying 56-page booklet in the kit includes a series of worksheets to help students focus on the issues raised in the film. There are also supplementary resources to provide signposts to further research if appropriate and required.

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Curriculum relevance

Don't Be A Bully Bystander can be used in curriculum areas such as:

  • English
  • Values Education
  • Civics and Citizenship
  • Society and Environment
  • Religious Education
  • A school's pastoral care / wellbeing / health program.

It is appropriate for use with students from Years 5/6 to Year 12.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of using this resource students will be better able to:

  • define what bullying behaviour is
  • identify bullying behaviour in their lives
  • understand why bystanders behave as they do
  • empathise with bystanders and targets
  • critically evaluate a range of strategies to enable bystanders to intervene in bullying behaviour effectively and safely.

Behavioural Outcomes

The aim of the resource is, that as a result of their greater knowledge and understanding of bullying behaviour, students' behaviour will change in these ways:

  • fewer will join in bullying behaviour
  • fewer will smile or show approval of bullying behaviour incidents
    fewer will promote the status of the aggressor or the target
  • more will be prepared to express their dislike of what is happening
  • more will volunteer information about what is happening.
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