Don't be a Bully Bystander

The following information concerns the use of the Don't be a Bully Bystander DVD and Print Resource Kit.

Copyright and Licence Agreement
This DVD and Print Resource Kit is produced by Ryebuck Media Pty Ltd with the support of the Catholic Education Office, Melbourne and Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth) and is done so for the purpose of education, training, learning and promoting public awareness of the said topic. All rights are reserved.

This DVD and Print Resource Kit is not to be exported, distributed and/or sold by way of trade without a proper written licence from Ryebuck Media Pty Ltd. No part of this product is to be republished, posted or shared on the internet in whole or in part. To do so establishes liability for a civil action. Please see terms of use below.

All third party content such as images, archive footage and narration (if any) used in this production appears with permission.

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Terms of Use

- Single Use of DVD
This product has been developed and optimized for operation on a single DVD player. The user is free to use this product in this manner upon purchase.

- Distribution and Networking of DVD
The distribution of this DVD product across multiple devices free of charge is limited to five computer workstations or viewing screens (television or projected). Effectively, this is ideal for sharing in small work groups. A site licence is required for any number above five.

The copying of this product, distribution (for the purpose of networking only) and networking is left to the discretion of the purchaser or the IT personnel at each school or organization. The product can be copied to computers and operated individually from independent workstations or networked from a server. This distribution must occur on secure local computers, networks or intranets only and NOT via the internet.

Whilst we support the use of our educational products in all learning environments, Ryebuck Media Pty Ltd and its supporting product development partners stand indemnified from responsibility for any damage that may arise from the use of this product in normal playback or networking activity with unfavourable results including loss of data.

- Site Licence to a Single Individual, School or Organization for use of DVD component
The distribution of this DVD product across multiple devices free of charge is limited to five computer workstations or viewing screens (television or projected). Any number above five requires a site licence for such distribution. This applies to the use of the DVD component only.

Below is the cost for distribution of this DVD product in a single school or organization.
Are you a Bully Bystander? DVD site licence = $500+GST

Please contact the team at Ryebuck Media if you would like to purchase a site licence for this product -

- Print Resource
Teachers may duplicate all pages of the Teacher Resource publication free of charge for educational purposes in their classrooms. This duplication must occur via photocopying only. This publication may NOT be digitized, republished or redistributed over the internet.

Please do not hesitate to contact the development team at Ryebuck Media should you have any queries regarding the use of this product. We shall do our best to assist in any way we can - +613 9500 2399.

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