Australian Curriculum History Years 3 To 6

Our team of dedicated professionals have been filming and researching around Australia to bring you the best Australian History Mysteries for the Australian Curriculum: History. Locations include Port Fairy, Harrow, the Rocks, The Endeavour, Mildura, Lake Condah, the National Museum of Australia, Canberra and Lake Mungo. When the weather improves we head to Tasmania and then up north to visit our Yunupingu family in Gove. Continue reading


After 18 years, 54 editions and more than 250 printed curriculum units sent free of charge to all secondary schools throughout Australia, it’s time for STUDIES to become a digital magazine. The first e-mag edition’s feature unit will be on … Continue reading

The Glorious Days: Australia 1913

Australia in 1913 was a young nation, barely 12 years old and full of energy and ambition to build a glorious future. The inauguration of the new Federal Capital in March that year was celebrated as the creation of an … Continue reading Primary School Resources

Seven case studies directly relevant to the National Curriculum: History Years 3 – 6 are now on the Australian History Mysteries subscription-based website. The website provides one case study – The Myths and Mysteries of the Crossing of the Blue Mountains – free of charge. Check out this case study and comprehensive summaries of the remaining case studies, including how they relate to the new national history curriculum, at Continue reading

Revamped Australian History Mysteries website, the National Museum and Ryebuck Media award winning subscription website which supports Australian Curriculum: History, has recently been significantly revamped and now includes a sixteenth case study which explores the famous discoveries of ancient Aboriginal remains at Lake Mungo. Continue reading