Frequently Asked Questions

Account Questions

I have registered for the first edition of eStudies, do I need to register again for the second edition?

No, you only need to register once for access to all of the eStudies editions.

What is the difference between registration and a distribution licence?

Registering an account will give you access to the eStudies resources. If you then wish to distribute the eStudies then you will need to purchase a distribution licence.

I purchased a distribution licence. Do I also need to register?

If you have a distribution licence then you don’t need to register. Registration is included in the distribution licence process.

I have already registered and want to add on a distribution licence. Can I do this?

If you have already registered then you can also add on a distribution licence at any time. Simply login and then go to the distribution licence page to choose a licence option.

How long is distribution licence valid for and how do I renew?

Our new 12 month licences are valid for all issues for a period of 12 months.

Please note: If you have purchased a previous distrubtion licence for a single issue or a full year, these licences do not expire. The licence is linked to a single issue or all issues from a particular year. When new issues of eStudies are released then you will need to purchase a new licence for those issues if you wish to distribute them.

For further enquiries contact Ryebuck Media via email on or call 03 9500 2399.

How soon can we access the resources?

You can access the eStudies resources as soon as you register an account and/or request a distribution licence. The process only takes a couple of minutes. During the process you will create an account username and password which you can use to log into the site and view the additional resources.

How do I log in?

All schools have a single login account. Simply enter your username and password in the login panel on the top right of all pages.

Can we automatically login via a URL?

Yes. You can use the URL link with your school's username and password to allow for a quick login. Just replace INSERT_YOUR_USERNAME with your username and INSERT_YOUR_PASSWORD with your password.

Please note you will need a distribution licence to share this link with your teachers and students.

I've lost my username or password

Use the Forgot Password page to reset your password. This will send an email to the account holder with a link to reset the password.

We have multiple campuses - does this affect licences?

Larger educational establishments such as Schools, TAFE Colleges, Universities and similar organisations made up of multiple schools, campuses and libraries are required to take out multiple licences. Pay full price on the first and receive 20% off on every additional licence.

Are there any discounts available for Home School Families?

Yes, we understand the financial constraints for home school families and their need to be able to access good quality resources.

If you are a home school family and would like to share within your region or other home school families then you will need to take out a licence – please contact us and we can discuss the discounts available.

The home school licence comes with the same copyright responsibilities as school memberships.

I need technical support?

If you have technical enquiry please contact Ryebuck Media via email on or call 03 9500 2399.

Content Enquiries

What aspects of the Australian Curriculum do the eStudies units cover?

eStudies focuses primarily on the Australian Curriculum History and the Australian Curriculum Civics and Citizenship at levels 3 to 10. Read the Curriculum Relevance Guide at the beginning of each issues for more specific details.

What format are the eStudies?

The eStudies editions are produced in an interactive PDF format. This allows you to view the content online but also in a handy ready to print format.

What software do I need to view the PDFs on a computer?

The eStudies PDFs are interactive PDFs which require Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader 9 (or later versions) installed on your computer.

MAC USERS: To view the interactive features of the PDF you need to double-click on open the PDF in Adobe Reader. If you use Mac's preview tool then you will not see the interactive elements.

What software do I need to view the PDFs on an iPad?

All static PDF content in each eStudies edition is viewable on an iPad. Interactive content, such as videos and bookmarks, requires compatible PDF Reader (see next question) for playing videos inside the PDF. If you don't have a compatible PDF reader then you can simply click on the link below each video to play it in a browser.

All video content is also accessible via a handy link when you log into the website and view each edition. This will allow you to quickly access video content without having to open the PDF.

I want to view video content inside the PDF on my iPad. How do I do this?

The default PDF reader on iPad does not support interactive PDFs. To display interactive content in a PDF you will need to download one of the following iPad Apps:

To open a PDF with any of these Apps, tap on the PDF and in the top right you will see the option to "Open In..". Tap on this and then choose the appropriate App.

Can I add the PDFs and videos to our school's CLICKVIEW?

Yes, as long as you have purchased a distribution licence.

Other Questions

What are the terms and conditions for using eStudies?

Visit the Terms and Conditions page for all the information regarding sharing eStudies in your school.

What is CAL?

(CAL) COPYRIGHT AGENCY is a not for profit rights management organisation. We enable the use of text and images in return for fair payment to writers, visual artists and publishers. This includes managing the Viscopy business: services to artists and users of images. We are appointed by the Australian government to manage collection and distribution of:

*   fair payment for educational and government use of text and images
*   royalties to artists from resales of their works.

For more information go to: