AFACT Youth Challenge

Ryebuck Media was delighted to present a Youth Challenge on film/DVD piracy for the Intellectual Property Awareness Foundation (IPAF) on Wednesday 25 March.

90 students from 12 Victorian schools worked through a program that challenged and entertained them – asking them to come to an understanding about the implications of film piracy for the sort of society they want to create. While most students (and teachers!) had at some time been ‘pirates’ themselves, they realised that there were considerable implications to their actions, and all agreed that it was a fair and proper civics and citizenship strategy to ‘just say NO.’

A surprise guest presenter was Sam Clarke from Neighbours, who described the personal impact of the issue on young actors like him. Many excited students now have photos of themselves with ‘Ringo’!

A highlight was the role play advertisements that groups created to complete the communication task: to Inform, Explain, Entertain and Influence. The 9 presentations were clever and fun, and showed that students had really thought about this personal issue.

To learn more visit the Nothing Beats The Real Thing! website.