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Welcome in the second half of the school year with complete classroom-ready Australian history digital resources for years 3-6. No teacher preparation needed!

“I love this resource. It is possibly the best that I have seen in some time. In addition I would like to add that it will inspire students with outstanding graphics and videos. I love the element of mystery which is so engaging. Students love solving mysteries and if it feels like a game it is so much better. The resource allows for all levels of ability and provides a refreshing insight into the History Curriculum.

— Victoria Rose, Edenhope College, Victoria

The Australian History Mysteries for Primary Schools is a subscription-based website containing Inquiry Units that focus specifically on the Key Inquiry Questions in the Australian Curriculum: History (and state/territory equivalents) and Extension Case Studies that encourage students to investigate some of the mysteries in Australian History in greater depth.

There are 18 Core Case Studies matching key inquiry questions and 15 Extension Case Studies.

All Inquiry Units are scaffolded to help students achieve the required historical knowledge, understanding and skills.