Nothing Beats the Real Thing! Youth Challenges at Warner Roadshow Studios

Some 250 students, teachers and guests attended the NOTHING BEATS THE REAL THING! Youth Challenges held at Warner Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast on Thursday and Friday, 11-12 February 2010. Some 20 schools in the region were represented at this exciting event.

The students worked through a program that challenged and entertained them – asking them to come to an understanding about the implications of film piracy for the sort of society they want to create. While most students (and teachers!) had at some time been ‘pirates’ themselves, they realised that there were considerable implications to their actions, and all agreed that it was a fair and proper civics and citizenship strategy to ‘just say NO.’

Surprise guest industry presenters were Andrew Wight, co-producer of the huge 3D hit Avatar and Emily Robins and Miles Szanto – stars of the TV series Elephant Princess. They provided unique perspectives on the impact of film piracy upon their industry and their own lives.

Those students attending on the Thursday had a special treat – a tour on the set of Elephant Princess.

Judging from the evaluations, all who attended had a terrific time rating the program 90% Excellent/Very Good.

Visit the Nothing Beats The Real Thing! website for more information.