Nothing Beats The Real Things Teachers’ Seminar at Screen Queensland

This late afternoon program, attended by 26 teachers, offered the opportunity to explore a new improved secondary school resource which investigates how copyright, creativity and citizenship shape our society, its relevance to the curriculum and to students’ everyday lives.

The seminar brought together teachers from different schools and film industry personnel to explore the issues involved and the impact that acts of film & TV content theft have upon our society.

Gail Grant, CEO of IPAF presented the latest research data to help us objectively assess the impact of film and TV piracy upon society.

Cathy Overett, Managing Director of New Holland Pictures, provided personal perspectives of working in the film industry and showed excerpts from two of her films – UNFINISHED SKY and IRON SKY.

Bob Lewis and Tim Gurry, Ryebuck Media, demonstrated how the resources could be used in the classroom across the curriculum and also outlined the Youth Challenge program.

It was a great social networking event and teachers left with practical strategies and resources that they felt confident about using with their students.
Further Teacher Challenges are planned for NSW and WA. Watch the site for details –

The 2011 program is sponsored by the Intellectual Property Awareness Foundation (IPAF).