Péronne, liberated by Australian troops 100 years ago





On July 7 2018 the French city of Péronne will be hosting a unique Australian sporting and cultural day to remember the 2nd Australian Division, under the leadership of General Sir John Monash, that came to their aid and fought back the German occupation, liberating the town 100 years ago.

The City of Péronne will never forget the Australians and, with the assistance of Ryebuck Media, have organised this day as a special tribute to Australia and its rich culture. There will be events for everyone to enjoy:

  • An Australian Rules Football (AFL) Match
  • AFL skills demonstration
  • Tastes of Australia – kangaroo, meat pies, Vegemite snacks
  • Children’s activities – three–legged race, kangaroo sack race and more
  • Boomerang throwing
  • Local 120 metre foot race
  • Belle Roscoe – international Australian Band
  • Prizes and give-aways
  • Tributes at the graves of Australian Soldiers

See you there!