Ryebuck wins at 2008 NSW Premier’s History Awards

Ryebuck Media is delighted to announce it has won a prestigious 2008 NSW Premier’s History Award. The award is offered annually to honour distinguished achievement in history by Australians.

Ryebuck’s Australians in the Vietnam War: Home Front and Combat written by Robert Lewis and Tim Gurry was chosen from a very strong field of finalists in the category Young People’s History Prize.

Both the finalist nomination and actual award are a strong recognition of the quality and diversity of educational work being produced by Ryebuck Media. Ryebuck thanks its great professional and dedicated team who have made this win possible, and also the Vietnam veterans who trusted us to tell their stories honestly and well. We hope they are pleased with this result.

The judges commented:

“This interactive CD-ROM package introduces high school students to the combat experiences of Australians in Vietnam and to the impact the war had on Australian society. The Australian army’s approach to pacifying Phuoc Tuy Province is considered through an interactive strategy game, while another module provides a series of interviews by a range of participants in the war. Students are invited to consider how they would have responded to the escalating conflict, and to reconstruct the career of an individual soldier from a range of documents. Robert Lewis and Tim Gurry have succeeded in making creative and effective use of their medium, without compromising the historical information and skills they seek to teach. The source analysis activity is particularly impressive in modelling how historians are able to reconstruct events from different types of evidence. The approach throughout is certain to appeal to digitally savvy teenagers. Australians in the Vietnam War is an exemplary resource that sets a high standard for similar digital packages, and will provide the basis for many memorable history lessons.”