Welcome to the second edition of eStudies

We have had a great response to our new online magazine format. Teachers recognise that eStudies, now in its 18th year of publication, provides much-needed curriculum resources in a format that is more accessible to their students in the digital age.

We are proud to have produced more than 250 classroom units to date which can be accessed at www.ryebuck.com.au/shop/studies-catalogue or check out the new eStudies at www.ryebuck.com.au/estudies/.

The new format enables your students to access video, interactive modules and research links on their own tablets and computers and thus make the learning experience richer and more interactive.

In the second eStudies edition

How does the NMA’s ‘Old Masters’ bark paintings exhibition help us to understand the Yirrkala petition?

This inquiry case study explores the Yirrkala petitions that were presented to the Australian Parliament by the Yolngu people of Arnham Land in 1963. These petitions were very different to the usual petitions to Parliament and in this unit you are going to see what happened to one petition, and work out from the evidence why it succeeded or failed in the way it did….

How did Australians respond to war in 1914? Why did they respond in these ways?

This evidence-based classroom activity challenges students to tackle 5 specific investigations:

  • Why did a world war start in 1914?
  • How did the Australian Government react? Why?
  • How did the Australian people react? Why?
  • Why did men and women volunteer to fight?
  • Was Australia involved in ‘other people’s’ war?

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