Ryebuck Media has built up an impressive and varied portfolio. Among some of the works here are the ATOM (Australian Teachers of Media) award winning education kit Australian History Mysteries 2 and the Australian History Mysteries Portal website.

Listed below are a variety of our CD-ROM, DVD and website projects.

Charles Darwin – The Australian Connection

A rich online educational resource containing five educational interactive modules that focus on his visit to Australia during his famous voyage between 1831 and 1836.

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Australian History Mysteries Portal

Two award-winning educational resource kits and an innovative Youth Challenge program designed to encourage students to investigate some of the history mysteries that exist in their own communities.

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Nothing Beats The Real Thing!

Multimedia resource on how copyright, creativity and citizenship shape our society.

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Defence 2020

DEFENCE 2020 is a multi-faceted education program designed to encourage young Australians to become informed about the role of Australia’s Defence Force.

Exploring Australian Plants

Exploring Australian Plants is a unique educational resource that is suitable for middle primary to lower secondary schools levels for whole class, group or individual work.

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Are you a Bully Bystander?

A multimedia human rights dilemma simulation for the classroom designed to analyse the effects and responsibilities of the bullying bystander.

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Ghost Town Interactive

A CD-ROM interactive that models the scaffolding processes involved in completing a research project.

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Australian Women in War

Multimedia resource on Australian Women in War.

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