Youth Challenges

The Youth Challenge is an innovative program developed by Ryebuck Media specifically to link schools with their local communities to address important citizenship issues.

We have run challenges all over Australia for such diverse clients as the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs, the Department of Defence, the Department of Industry Tourism and Resources, and most recently – the National Museum of Australia.

Evaluations clearly show that students, teachers and community representatives love the day because it is very interactive and shows them how to implement a similar program back in their schools and local communities. In this way they become ‘ambassadors’ for the cause.

Watch the video to see one example of Ryebuck Media’s education and public awareness programs.

Ryebuck Media’s Youth Challenge organiser is Bernadette Lightfoot and she can be contacted on the details below.

Email :
Telephone : (03) 9500 2399

Common Questions

Who attends these programs?

A Youth Challenge program could involve many people:

  • Students – Leadership, Citizenship, English, Geography, Innovation
  • Parents – informed and active citizenship
  • Geography, Social Studies and Civics Education teachers
  • Government representatives
  • Community representatives
  • Innovators/specialists

Where are they held?

Challenges are run in all states and territories in both capital cities and major regional centres. What do we do on the day? Each Youth Challenge is a custom program designed to suit each of our clients and the format may vary slightly depending on location and audiences. Generally, you enroll and register at 9:00am before official welcome and introduction to the program. This is followed by morning tea and a chance to socialise. Students then participate in watching video hypotheticals and workshop their ideas in groups under teacher guidance. Lunch follows and students then role-play their ideas in a fun manner providing energetic and enthusiastic responses. The day concludes around 3:00pm.

Does it cost anything?

No. Schools are invited to participate in each Youth Challenge. Please check with Bernadette at our offices for travel and special arrangements etc.

How many students can we bring?

All Youth Challenges are different and funding allows only so many students to attend – generally, around 8 students. The number of students that can attend are posted on advertisement brochures and this website. Please check with Bernadette at our offices for any changes or special conditions.

Youth Challenge Competitions

Competitions that follow a typical Youth Challenge Program often flow from involvement in the Youth Challenge. They do not necessarily need to be limited to those students who take part in the actual Challenge program. This allows for greater student participation and awareness.